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Hello Marked Readers –

I expect this post is being read mostly long after it’s written since it usually takes some time to build up a readership.  In any event, thanks for reading! 

My name is (in various spellings) Nozekrusher and I play a druid on Anvilmar.  I also have a few other toons there as well, including Nosecrusher, my hunter, my first toon to 70 , and my first main.  Eblis rounds the main toons I’ll be talking about in this blog.  Eblis is my warlock/chanter/bank/moneymaker. 

How did I come up with 2 Nosecrushers and an Eblis?  Well, it wasn’t always that way, actually.  As I said, Nosecrusher was my first toon.  I don’t really remember how I came up with the name, other than I wanted something mean sounding.  I guess since getting hit in the nose sounded painful, getting your nose CRUSHED would be worse. 

So I started playing Nosecrsuher and happily leveling him to Outland when I read an forum thread on Allakhazam about making gold by disenchanting cheap greens found through Auctioneer.  One of the things they suggested was starting a bank alt (yes, I was very clueless back in the day).  I did some research and learned that warlocks were fun to level and played much like hunters.  Good enough for me, so I started my warlock.  In choosing a name, I wanted a dark, sinister name, maybe a synonym for the devil or demon or something along those lines.  After some searching I came across Eblis.  Well, who could resist having a toon named after the cheif of all the djin?  Or the ruler of all devils.  What warlock could pass up a name that means ‘despair’?   Eblis had a name – a not-so-unique name at that. 

When my guild needed tanks and healers, I decided to roll a druid to help them out.  I am an officer, after all!  Lead by example!  Druids are Tauren, no choice there.  And Tauren are bovine-like in appearance.  Being a bit of a francophile, I wanted to fit ‘vache’ into the name (vache is french for cow).  Unfortunately, vache was taken, along with many other combinations.  Eventually, I came up with Vachequitue, which means CowWhoKills.  I was set. 

And for the next 18 months or so, everything stayed the same.  I was called Nose by most folks who knew me, especially in guild, since Nosecrusher was how they met me.  It didn’t matter if I was on Eblis or Vachequitue, I was Nose.  A few folks called me Vache, but they mostly gave in to the crowd.  And I liked it.  Nose is a short, simple name, and distinctive.   What I didn’t like was having to explain what Vachequitue meant, or being whispered in French.  (I’m like French history and all, and at one point I could speak the language, but that was a looonnng time ago). 

So a few months ago, I started contemplating a name change.  I had to overcome a few obstacles first.  The first was mental.  I started playing WoW to supplement my entertainment budget during some tough financial times.  $15 a month sure beats $40 a night at the bars.  So actually paying for something extra like a name change was a strange concept for me.  Second was, well, all the good Nosecrusher variants were taken.  I know this because I took them.  Knowscrusher?  My aborted priest and current guild AH mule.  Nozecrusher and Nosekrusher?  Both taken by toons created and forgotten.  I know I could just delete these toons and resue the name, but when I tried this, they always say the name is taken.  I’m sure I could get a GM to free it up, but that’s just too much trouble.  Eventually, I came up with Nozekrusher, though.  It fits, obviously, and overall it has worked out well.   Best $10 I’ve ever spent?  Nah, but I’m glad I did it.  (And it’s a great way to weed out your friends list too!)

Well, that’s my first post.  Hope you enjoyed it.  I do plan on talking more about the specifics of playing a druid in WoW, especially as a bear and tree.  I’ll share my thoughts on gear, enchants, professions.  I’m not a theorycrafter and I don’t have the absolute answer.  In fact, I expect that reader feedback (when it’s there) will help be become a better druid by pointing out where I’m wrong. 

<soon to be catchy phrase>



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