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Marked Readers –

The Big Bear Butt had a post yesterday asking Blizzard to make stats more comprehensible and to have gear progress as raiders do.  It’s interesting always, but I as I was reading it, I realized something – I don’t care about most of the secondary or tertiary stats that druids should be focusing on.   Though I know I probably should know the hit cap number off the top of my head (along with the expertise cap for dodge and block).  I probably should have a better understanding on how armor penetration works (or any understanding, for that matter).  But I don’t.  Call me old school or naive, or just plain dumb, but when it comes to tanking gear, I pretty much look at stamina and agility as my main (only?) stats. 

Armor used to be in that equation, but no longer.  Since we’re forced to share rogue gear now, we rarely have to take armor into account anymore, there aren’t many (any?) pieces that have significantly higher armor ratings than their peers.  So now I look at the stamina of a potential piece and compare it to what I have.  Then I look at the agility and do the same.  Are they both going up?  It’s an upgrade.  Is one going up and the other stays the same?  It’s a slight upgrade.  Does one go up and the other go down?  Depends on how much of a drop we’re talking about.  If it’s a significant increase on one side and a midling decrease of the other, I’ll take it.  But if the drop is too large, I’ll pass. 

Nice and scientific-like, right?  Well, it’s not and I’m ok with that.  I’m not a min/max’er.  My guild isn’t cutting edge hardcore raiding.  I don’t have a spreadsheet that I use to enter my stats and potential upgrades  into and determine which is the best.  First off, that would definately slow the raid down.  I know I’d be pissed if folks were tabbing out to check drops every boss kill – we move slowly enough tyvm.  And second, that’s just not my style.  I mean, I do my research.  I know the rotations and how to get/build/keep aggro and I know the fights I’m fighting.  But what the bosses drop?  It’s a surprise.  And I like surprises!  It’s kinda like Christmas, only with blood and guts all over. 

So let me keep building my stamina and agility and I’ll be a happy bear. 

Well, and hit.  I like hit too mostly.  Maybe it’s the hunter in me, but I know it’s very important to be able to actually strike what you swing at.  And I know there’s a hit cap out there that can be modifiedbytalentsbutthosedon’taffectyourpetsbutgemsshouldandIdon’tknowaboutbufffooddotheycount?  And what about casters, anyway?

I never remember the hit cap, or the 3% talent reduced hit cap, but I don’t mind looking it up from time to time (it’s 263 for melee, 446 for casters?!?)  But that’s as far as I go.  I’m not hit capped, but it doesn’t seem to hold us back.  The purty boys are fine doing what they’re doing and I’m not losing aggro.  I see plenty of white and yellow numbers, large and small flying all over my screen, so I imagine that I’m hitting enough.


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