Heroic Raiding – heroic patience needed

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Big vs Small

Marked Readers

I had an interesting opportunity yesterday to compare and contrast normal 10-man raiding and 25-man heroic raiding.  In the morning (server time, late morning my time), our guild got together to continue a 10Naxx run they started on Saturday.  I joined in as a healer and we quickly knocked out the plague quarter.  The hardest part (as always) was getting enough folks to fill out the group – especially healers.  The next hardest part was running the gauntlet of maggots and stalks in the room between Haigen and Loatheb.  Yes, I know it’s not an extremely difficult run, but it can be annoying – especially if you don’t have a warlock.  Anyway, despite having two tanks who were doing this quarter for the first time, we downed all 3 bosses with one shot each.  Especially impressive was our work on Haigen’s Dance.  We were a melee heavy group and they all did really well staying out of the fire. 

After Loatheb, though, I had to bail for my dog training class.  But it was fun, I didn’t need any loot that dropped, but badges are always nice (5 more ’til the heirloom trinket!) and helping folks gear up is always a good thing.  After I left, the raid moved on to construct and killed Grobbulous and Gluth – again, both very impressive with a relatively new raid.  Those fights, while not especially tricky, do take coordination. 

I logged back on later in the evening and was immediately whispered by a guildy about healing 25Naxx.  Sure, why not, I said.  This, too, was a continuation run from earlier in the week and my guildy and I were filling in for a guild he and several others had run with before.  I was the fifth healer to join and when I did, they were still looking for 2 DPS.  If I’m going to run 25 mans, I prefer being among the last to join since that cuts down on all the waiting.  I don’t know how long they were trying to fill out the raid, but I can imagine it was quite some time – they usually are.  As it was, it still took 20 minutes or so to get everyone summoned, repaired, buffed, re-summoned, respecc’d and in place.  But the vent chatter was lively and amusing, the raid leader had a great voice (it’s amazing how smoothly a raid goes with a sexy woman’s voice guiding us) so the initial wait wasn’t too bad.  Also, as it turned out, we were starting on Plague Quarter as well. 

I was put on raid heals, which was fine since I wasn’t 100% sure who was tanking.  I did ask in RC who they were, but no one answered.  I should have asked again, but I didn’t.  It didn’t matter much, we made quick progress to Noth.  I whispered the RL/healing lead that I could handle the decursing, but wouldn’t be able to do much healing then.  I was the only tree and I saw 2-3 mages who also decurse (but never do).  We had several shaman, but I didn’t know if any were resto.  The RL said thanks and that her normal trees hated decursing.  That surprised me and I told her so and asked why.  “It cuts down on their healing output.”  I just laughed.  I’m not big on meters in general, but especially for healing.  As long as the boss dies and at least one person is alive (preferably more), I’ve done my job.  Besides, decursing (and poison) is what we do!  Regardless, the fight went smoothly and we killed him with one shot.  We moved on to Haigen and killed him in one-shot as well.  (and I missed out on his cloak

We had to find 4-5 new folks, including a couple of healers for the next quarter (military) since our two priests were needed to MC in Rezuvius.  Well this took some time, but again, we eventually got rolling and killed the Inspector in one shot.  But of course, we now we need to replace a couple more folks.  As we looked, we did clear the trash up to Gothik, but here we waited.  And waited.   And waited.  A full 30 minutes of  just waiting for, well, I’m not sure what.  We seemed to have a full raid, though I wasn’t sure if everyone who was leaving had left.  Folks started getting impatient (myself included) and the RL pointed out that replacing people took time and they were nearly ready.  Well, that’s great, but telling us sooner would have been nice so we weren’t left speculating.  But we kill Gothik in one shot and…you guessed it, had to find replacements, this time for our lone warlock! 

Now I was pushing up against my time limit.  I needed to take the dog for a walk and hit the sack myself.  But I like the 4-horsemen fight and, when actually fighting, this wasa very good group.  So I stuck around – the DPS replacement was found and he flew in quickly.  We set up for 4-horse and – I gotta say – this was the best fight I’ve been apart of.  We killed each horseman on just one stack of debuffs.  It was amazing! 

But time was up for me and I made my farewells.  I also saw a few others say they needed to bail.  I don’t know if they found replacements and continued on.  But as I logged, I remembered why I just don’t like 25 man raiding very much – all the waiting around. 

It takes much longer to get 25 folks together to start a raid and then you’re replacing folks after every boss, if not pull.  And it’s a process that feeds upon itself.  As you need to replace folks, you’re waiting around and taking up the raid’s playtime, so others will need to leave in fewer fights.  Plus, every time you find a replacement, there are fewer replacements to find the next time, meaning more downtime.  Plus, as you find more replacements, the quality is most likely going to go down.  Thus the fights get harder to complete. 

10-mans suffer from the same problems, of course, but it’s a matter of scale.  You need 3 healers not 5 or 6.  You need 5 DPS, not 15-18.  Plus there’s only 10 folks who can bail on you, not 25.   So its easier to get a raid going, and its easier to find replacements – all for the same content!  I’ll keep running 25-mans, I guess, as opportunities arise.  But this weekend just confirmed that 10-mans are the way to go.


Makin Moolah – Aftermath

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Happy Monday!  I just checked my mail and I’m up to 5909 and change with most of a bag of expired auction mats and over 120 auctions still running.

Selling 1

Expired auctions don’t bother me at all.  As you’ve seen throughout the week, you can handle LOTS of mats with this process, especially the low level stuff.  It wasn’t uncommon for me to have over 300 strange dust either on auction or in my bags about to be auctioned.  Most of it does sell, obviously, but some will come back my way. 

But the cost to me is zero.  There is no deposit for listing enchanting mats on the AH, (unlike the vast majority of other items).  So it costs absolutely nothing for me to simply repost them.  It also helps keep undercutters in check (somewhat).  Sellers can wait an auction or two for their stuff to sell without cutting their own throats with big undercuts.  Then again, it is easier to undercut since you have no deposit to recoup.  Ah well, c’est la vie.

Makin Moolah – Day 7

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Over 700g profit on the week.  So far.  Not too bad for 20-30 minutes a day, eh? 

Day 7 mail

I won’t be buying anymore, but I will keep posting my mails over the next few days as my auctions sell out (still ~200 posted).  I think hitting 6,000 is a reachable goal!

Makin Moolah – Day 6

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More progress, more gold!

Day 6 mail

And after the buy

Day 6 buy

Patches? We Don’t Need No Stinking PATCHES!

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Marked Readers –

I wanted to take a break from Eblis’ ever building pile ‘o’ gold and get back to blogging.  3.2 is on the horizon so I thought I’d do what everyone  else has already done and talk about it. 

Those links all do a much better (and entertaining) job about breaking down all the changes – needed or not, so I won’t do that.  Instead, I’ll vent a bit on how early all this information is coming out.  I’m not a big fan of all the hoopla leading up to new patches, and even expansions.  It struck me when rumors about 3.1 started swirling soon after Wrath was even released.  Here I was, still enjoying all the newness of Northrend and folks were already looking ahead to changes – changes that were still months away.  It was kinda like opening up all your presents on Christmas morning only to have your folks start talking about you birthday right after dinner.  I find the same is true now with 3.2.   My guild is barely into Uludar, we’re still working on getting Naxx onto farm, even.  And already everyone is talking about the new AC raids, profession changes, and new druid forms. 

Ok, new druid bear and cat forms are pretty cool. 

I can understand why everyone does this – Blizzard needs to generate buzz and sites like WoW.com needs to post new information to keep readers coming back.  So they’re complementing each other towards that purpose, but I think it’s ultimately a fool’s errand.  As soon as 3.2 is released, the blog sites will start looking towards 3.3 and barely give 3.2 a  chance to settle in.  Blizzard, needing to feed tha buzz, will announce the new patch notes.  But eventually, the patch notes will be released so early that the blog sites will exhaust anything of interest about them and the patch will still be far from finished.  So Blizzard/blogs will have a choice, have a long lull of little new information or force out a new patch that may not quite be up to standard.  If 3.1 and all the mini-patches that followed is any indication, Blizzard chose the latter option.  Well, it still makes a twisted sort of sense, if you think about it.  The incomplete patch is released so all the anticipation of the previous 2 months is released.  Huge buzz and plenty for the bloggers to write about.  But soon, the problems, fixes, and hotpatches are noticed – even more buzz (so what if it’s negative, no such thing as bad publicity, right?) and more to write about. 

And just as the big 3.1 problems are smoothed over, here comes the 3.2 patch notes.  And it begins again.   

I want to play the game as it is – now.  I’ll worry about the next patch when it gets here, or even a week or two before it drops.  But we’re at least a month and probably more before 3.2, so I just don’t care much. 

OK, climbing off the soapbox.

Changing out of my Holier Than Thou robes and sandals.

Putting on my sleazy polyester hypocritical salesman plaid suit.

I am saving up my JC tokens now in anticipation of the new epic recipes, so I guess I’m not too upset about the early notice.

Makin Moolah – Day 5

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The week keeps chugging along.  I did run a couple heroics on Eblis, but I don’t think the gold total is altered too much.  Plus, any loot I won, I DE’d and sent to another toon.


The morning mailDay 5 mail

 After the buy

Day 5 buy

Makin Moolah – Day 4

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And the gold keeps pilin up!

day 4 mail

Even after the buy


DE 4th day buy

Makin Moolah – Day 3

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Well day 3 is the tipping point.  I not only am showing an actual profit after picking up the mail

DE3rd mail

But I’m still showing a profit after my 3rd day buys!

DE 3rd day buy

On the one hand, that’s very cool – after just two days, I’ve already covered my initial costs.  But on the other had, it also means I just bought 129g worth of items – including bids!  Ah well, I still have 160-80 auctions up on the block so I’m not griping. 

On a side note, I was able to pickup about 20 stacks of netherweave cloth for under 5g (my personal price limit).  1 stack of NW cloth can be turned into a netherweave bag.  Now, the bags are 16 slotters – obviously not the biggest.  But they are the biggest of the ‘cheap’ bags selling for 10g each.  The next step up are imbued netherweaves which take significantly more mats to produce (and cost more) and frostweaves (20 slots and 95g each).  So the netherweaves are the bags of choice for kitting out alts and bankers.  In other words there’s a HUGE market for them.  They will always sell.  So lets do the math – say I bought that cloth for 5g/stack (it was less than that, but I like easy math).  That’s 100g investment (plus the rune thread, psh).  With that, I can make 20 bags which sell for 10g, or a 200g return and a 100g profit (less the rune thread cost, psh).  Not too shabby, eh?

NW cloth has been going up in cost as fewer folks are in Outland, but the bags are going up accordingly (I see them selling for as high as 12g each).  In other words, methinks I need to go farm some OL instances!

New! and Improved! (?)

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Well as I was trying to find a way to fix the screenshots, I looked at different themes, hoping that one would have a wider ‘body’ to allow the large pictures.  There wasn’t, but I realized that, in the heat of this summer, a ‘cooler’ theme might be in order.  I hope you like “Pool” and that it helps you think of sitting under a beach umbrella with your feet dangling in the water.  

So, I hope you enjoy the changes.  In the end, they’re cosmetic, really.  The writing style – such as it is – won’t change much.

Makin Moolah – whoops

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Marked Readers –

I was just looking over my posts and realized all my screenshots were cut off – especially the gold amounts after my buys and mailings.  I’ll get those fixed and working properly ASAP. 


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