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Marked Readers –

In my post on how I heal (entitled, creatively enough, How I Heal), I wanted to talk about my resto build, but wowarmory was down for maintenance. 

Well it’s back up now, and fortunately I logged out as resto.  But instead of going back and editing the old post, I decided to make a new one. 

My Resto build is 11/0/60 and I think it’s pretty normal, but I’ll go over my thought process in creating it.  The eleven points in Balance are nearly required for healers, I think.  Genesis gives a 5% boost to healing done, Moonglowlowers the mana cost of our most popular heals, Nature’s Majesty boosts the crit rating for HT and Nourish which is OK, but it also is needed to reach Nature’s Splendor – which increases the duration of our 3 main HoTs.  I’ve seen some folks take Nature’s Grace which increases casting speed on crits.  But druids aren’t really crit based (certain talents to the contrary), so I felt those 3 points would be better spent elsewhere. 

Zero points in feral, of course because, well, how far down that tree would you have to go to find anything remotely related to healing?  Nurturing Instinct at 22 points?  No thanks.  Though I will say NI is an underrated talent while leveling.  I went from 0-70 as feral, but I built up a healing set and was able to heal just fine in that spec and I think NI was a big part of enabling me to do so.  But that’s a digression.  Back to the build!

In the resto tree, I’ll address the talents I skip rather than the ones I took.  It should be obvious why I took what I did, but it’s not always clear why I bypassed certain ones for others.  The first case is Naturalist.  As we level, and don’t have our full compliment of HoTs yet, this is a very useful talent.  Taking a full 1/2 second off HT’s cast time is huge under those circumstances.  However, the only time I use HT now, is in conjunction with Nature’s Swiftness.  I never cast it on it’s own, so those 5 points would be wasted. 

The next talent I skip that many others take is Natural Perfection.  Again, druids aren’t a crit based healing class, and to be honest, I’ve never been a big fan of crit heals anyway.  To me, most of the crit would spill over into the overheal category.  Look at it this way – you can’t anticipate a crit heal, right?  So to be a good healer, you have to assume you won’t crit and plan/cast your spells accordingly.  You can’t let the tank lost half their HP and hope for a 15k crit to top them off.  Instead, you have to anticipate your regular 8-9k heals throughout the fight.  And when you do get that big crit heal?  Well, the 8-9k you anticipated is used fully, but the rest may well be wasted.  Healing for me (both as a healer and as a tank) is best when it’s constant and consistent. 

I also pass on Revitalize mostly because I rarely see the tank at a loss for rage/mana/runic power.  I know as a tank rage is rarely a concern.  I guess it’s possible that it would be of benefit to the raid during raid heals.  Since I do throw rejuvs and WGs around liberally.  But again, I don’t notice the purty boys gimping their dps due to a lack of their juice of choice.  More is always good, though, so I might actually rethink this.  Do you use Revitalize?  How useful has it proven to be? 

Anyway, I don’t PvP, so Improved Barkskin  was never a consideration for me.  (But manOman would I love it for my tank!).

The 3 points I didn’t put in Natural Perfection or Revitalize?  I put them in Tranquil Spirit.  Nourish is my new favorite spell, and I’m actually pretty liberal with Tranquility since it has the a 4-minute CD and is threat free.

So all-in-all, I’m happy with my build.  Those last 3 points could be placed elsewhere, true, but it’ll take some convincing.  Any arguments out there?


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