Blizzard Pet Peeve of the Day #1

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Pet Peeve 

Marked Readers –

I came across a situation yesterday that I’ve encountered before, and I know it’s my fault, but it’s still very frustrating and I think it’d be a simple fix for Blizzard to implement. 

Let me explain –

I logged on last night and, as usual, I picked up my 3 Dalaran dailies – cooking, fishing and Jewelcrafting.  Cooking was the mustard dog one, which was the same as yesterday.  No problem, I had stocked up on rhino meat and had enough in my bags for both Noze and Nose.  I went out and started hunting for the mustard weeds that are scattered throughout Dalaran.  The one thing I truly miss about herbalism is how easy it was to find the herbs needed for the cooking dailies – the sewer mushrooms, the mustard dogs, and especiallythe carrots.  I can still find them, but it takes much longer now.  Anyway, I did my circuit of where I know the weeds spawn and I even saw several in the ground, but I couldn’t click on them.  Hmmmm.  Ok, this has happened to me on several occasions before.   Oftentimes, I just need to drop the quest and pick it back up.  Nope, didn’t work.  Well, fine, I’ll come back to it later.  I’ll do the JC daily.  It’s the one where I need to kill vrykyuls.  Not bad, but the fishing quest is the Monsterbelly one.  I know the maps say Monsterbellys can be found off the southern coast of Howling Fjord (along with the moonglow cuttlefish), but I’ve never seen any pools, and I used to fish hard for the cuttlefish for the spirit food.  The only place I’ve ever found them is off the southern coast of Borean Tundra.  And I don’t think there are any Vrykyuls in BT (are there?). 

But there’s no helping it and off to HF I went to kill my bearded giant and then a long flight to BT.  I landed at the Apothecary Camp and flew to Skorn and killed a vrykyul.  No drop.  OK, no problem.  I killed another, no drop.  Still not worried.  I rounded up 5 of them and swiped them to death – still no drop.  Now this sucks.  I know the drop rate for these things isn’t 100%, but it’s still pretty decent.  I don’t think I’ve had to kill more than 5 of whatever mob to get the needed curio.  I know I’ve never killed 10 or more.  This, coupled with the trouble I had with the cooking daily, I was very frustrated.  I even considered opening a GM ticket and was mentally composing my text – trouble with 2 dailies, yes I dropped one and picked it up again and it didn’t work, no I’m not in a raid…..


I looked down at the lower left corner of my screen and there it was – X-perl’s raid box with my name in it.  We had killed the Flame Leviathan the night before and I guess I logged off without leaving the raid first.  I dropped the raid and everything went smoothly from there with the dailies. Well, except for the fact that all the monsterbelly pools were fished out in BT making me fish cuttlefish pools to make room.  But the mustard weeds were all sparkly when I got back to Dalaran and I turned in all 3 quests (no fun fishing drops though). 

As I said at the beginning, I’ve done this before and I know it’s my fault.  But couldn’t Blizzard have some sort of auto-drop feature if you log out while in a raid?  It shouldn’t be immediate – many times people need to log off to turn on/off an add-on or to transfer something from an alt.  But after say, an hour?  The slate couldn’t be wiped clean? 

Anyway, that’s my Blizzard Pet Peeve of the Day.  I”m sure this will be a recurring theme as more peeves pop up. 

What are your pet peeves with WoW?


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  1. Hmmm… I log out still in the raid all the time, but grid is smack in the middle of my screen so there is no missing the fact that I’m still in the raid. I also am pretty lazy and don’t do a whole ton of quests.

    I’m sure I have a billion pet peeves with WoW, but right now I can’t think of any! I guess thats why I keep playing…

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