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Marked Readers –

I love that song.  When folks ask if I’m attending something, I say Jackson5 if I am (cuz I’ll be there).  I’m surprised at how many people get that right off the bat.  And now I get to use part of it as a blog title!  Scha-Weet!

I’ve decided to tinker with my UI, namely to try out Pitbull instead of X-perl.  For me the toughest part of messing with a UI (or even new add-ons) is getting them set up properly and then adjusting my play-style accordingly.  It just seems like so much work.  So, though I like X-perl, it’s not perfect, but that’s probably because I haven’t set it up well enough. 

Why did I decide to change then?  And to Pitbull – by most accounts more configuration dependent than x-perl?  Call me a masochist.  I guess I read a good review, or several about Pitbull being a smaller program than x-perl and with better functionality.  Plus, I have a toon that I play off and on that I can experiment with.  One of My Many Priests.  I’ve started 4-5 priests in my WoW days, 2 of which survive and both of those were strictly bank toons; one for myself and one for the guild.  I was on the lvl20 guild priest when someone whispered me to help in BFD.   I don’t play this guy, he’s just a bank toon, I told him.  I was begged.  I was pleaded.  I’d been thinking about how interesting it would be playing a Disc Priest in raids (then dreading the 1-80 grind in order to do it).  I realized I still had his gear stored in the bank….  And I went to BFD and had a blast.  Leveled twice (thanks rested XP!) and was semi-hooked.  He’s still only 25 and I only take him out when he has rested XP to use and I try to keep him in dungeons only.  But I play him and it’s fun – when I”m in dungeon.  Questing?  Not so much. 

So this would be my UI guinea pig.  I downloaded Pitbull and figured I’d spend the evening messing around with it while watching Taken.  Of course things didn’t go as intended.  While I was getting ready to start, someone left the guild, no biggie, no drama, he just wanted to start a guild on his own (sucker).  But I had to jump on Noze and boot all his alts (we have a no main, no alt policy).  In the 30 seconds I was on Noze, I was whispered by a long lost guildy who only plays during the Summer Break.  Well he’s back now, but has no gear or gold.  He’d been looted.  I felt bad for him, but could do nothing, except keep up the conversation.  Then someone else whispered for something out of the GV and etc etc.  45 minutes later I was able to jump on my priest and get rolling. 

Pitbull has a lot of settings.  I mean a LOTdepending on how many frames you want.  There are some general settings that apply to everything  – font, colors, etc., but then it gets detailed.  Then there are sections for Player, Player Pet, Target, Target’s Target, Target’s Target’s Target, Party Raid, you get the idea.  Under each of those, you can decide what information you want displayed and where -health, mana/energy/rage/RP, casting bars, blank space, and the like.  You can decide what icons you want – master looter, party leader, main tank, afk.  You pick what text you want and where – name, class/race/level, cast time and spell name. 

After about 3 hours (including a 90 minute break to watch Takenvery entertaining), I had my frame done, my non-existant pet’s frame somewhat done, and my target, target’s target, and target’s target’s target’s frame done.  I was quite happy and willing to keep going, but I needed to find some folks to stand in a party with me and all my guildmates were in groups or soon to be in groups.  With no one available, then I called it a night.  Well, I guess I called it Phase I complete, and then called it a night. 

In addition to Pitbull, I also downloaded Bagnon to see how I liked it as well.  I figured that since I was changing my UI, I’d may as well make a clean sweep.  I’ve never been a fan of one box inventories, I’ve tried ArkInventory in the past and just couldn’t get used to it.  I like seeing my 5 bags seperated and I arrange my stuff by the bag – hearthstone, food, pots, bandages in my backpack; off spec gear in my first bag, quest items in my third, and random crap or empty space in 4 and 5.  Lately, though, I’ve been frustrated that my bags open up over half my chat window.  Yes, they’ve always done that, but I’ve been trying to make an effort to be more active in GC, or at least follow conversations better, and my bags hinder this.  (Bags can’t be moved, right?  I’ve tried everything, including Move Anything with no luck). 

Setting Bagnon up was easy, just two screens – one on the physical layout and another on what events I want my bags to auto-open.  The physical layout let’s me determine how many columns I want per row.  This is a nice feature that let’s me keep some sort of bag integrity.  The priest still just has netherweave bags so I set Bagnon to 8 columns per row and voila!  each bag has 2 full rows.  When I switch to Frostweaves, I’ll either use 5 columns or 10, not sure yet.  And what will happen when I get bags with different sizes (the OS bag, the bag Gigantique, etc?).  Well, I’m not sure.  I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. 


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