Daily Dilemmas

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Marked Readers –

Dailies are a, well, daily part of WoW.  We do them for gold, or reputation, or XP, or neat trinkets, or professionally required tokens.  We even do them for the right to buy a rotten egg and carry it around for a week. 

Needless to say, Blizzard has put a lot of effort into dailes and has created a surprising number of them for Wrath.  You can easily reach the 25 daily quest limit.  But my question is, do you?  Or rather, do you want to? 

I use dailies as a means to an end.  I stole puppy dogs for weeks on end until I reached exalted with the walruses.  Since then?  Haven’t touched them.  Same with Wymcrest.  I did Aces High and defended the temple until exalted and then moved on.  Same with the Sons of Hordir grind and the Ebon Blade folks and on and on.  I used the dailies, but I never really enjoyed them.  Oh, they were fine at first, just like any other quest.  In fact, I enjoy dailies for the first week or so.  Planning the optimal method of completing them, creating different circuits, etc.  Geeky, true, but still something different. 

But I don’t do dailies ad infinitum.  Well, at least I don’t like to.  Currently, I do 3 dailies on Noze – JC, fishing and cooking.  I’m a newcomer to jewelcrafting, so I’m still building my collection of recipes (well, now I’m hording my tokens for the 3.2 epic gem recipes).  I want the chef’s hat (6 more days!) and I just like the fishing dailies – they’re well put together, relatively quick, and often coincide with one or both of my other dailies. 

On a secondary basis, if I feel like it, that is, I also do the JC daily on my DK (he buys the jewelry patterns, not gems), the cooking and fishing dailies on Nosecrusher, and make my cloths every 3 days on Eblis (glacial bag ftw!).  I don’t do these every day, but it’s often enough. 

When 3.1 hit, I flew up to Icecrown along with everyone else and learned how to joust, chop wood, blow up blocks of stone, and take various artifacts to various locations for various reasons.  Oh and kiss frogs.  Can’t skip that one!  I’ve also come oh so tantalizingly close to soloing Chillmaw and his band of bombadiers.  They were fun quests at first, there were enough of them to keep me interested, they rotated somewhat so all the quests weren’t always the same.  And I became a champion for Thunder Bluff, Sin’jin, and Orgrimmar.  But eventually, they got boring.  The tokens I got didn’t seem to accumulate quick enough for me to get anything good.  So I stopped doing them.  They were taking an hour or so each day and I’d rather spend my time doing other things. DIlemma

Until now.

Again from the 3.2 patch notes comes word of another heirloom item – a chest piece, that gives a 10% xp bonus that will stack with the shoulder bonus.  I want to play a disc priest, but I do not relish the thought of leveling lil Knowscrusher all the way to 80.  Anyway to speed up that process I’m all for.  Which brings us back to the chest piece – which requires the Exalted Argent Champion of the Horde plus who knows how many Champion’s Seals.  Obviously, I’m two short – SMC and UC.  And I’m not looking forward to doing those quests again.  I know, I know, it’s only 5 days each, so under 2 weeks for both.  But still, it’s just a drag to me.  I know, I know, I’m probably psyching myself out about them, I should just shut up and do them, they’re not hard and I’ll be able to store up the seals as I go.  And, these dailies are back to being a means to an end, which is why I do them in the first place. 

So today after work, I’m heading back up to Icecrown, fill up my quest log, and start the grind all over again.  It won’t be as bad as I’m making it out to be, I know.  Maybe enough time has passed that they’ll be fun again (nah). 

But what about you, Marked Readers?  How many dailies do you do?  How do you decide to drop them from your schedule?


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