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Marked Readers –

I’m fortunate that I’ve learned how to make gold in WoW.  Lots of gold.  Enough gold to enable me to buy pretty much whatever I want/need for Noze and any of my alts.  Enough gold to let me invest it to make even more gold.  Just a quick rundown on the things I’ve been able to afford – Tundra Mammoth, 3 epic flyers, 4 regular flight, 2 cold weather flying, mats to powerlevel both BS and JC (though I did mine some, most of the harder stuff was bought), regular contributions to the guild bank, and on and on. 

I am by no means the richest guy on Anvilmar and I am not the savviest money maker around.  But my name is known by the small group of us who play the AH and I’m kinda proud of that. 

Now if only I could transfer this over to the real world

Anyway, many folks in my guild seem to have money issues – either for a mount or training or for some ubrleetz lootz.  I also see the same type of problems on the various message boards I follow.  I always try to respond and when I do, I always say the same thing – buy cheap greens on the AH, disenchant them, and sell the mats for a profit. 

And that’s basically it.  Yes, there are a few other things I do to make gold – selling bags and a few select gems needed to powerlevel JC to name a few.  But my core money maker; the thing that has made me 85-90% of my gold has been buying cheap greens on the AH, disenchanting them, and selling the mats for a profit. 

Eblis is my disenchanter.  He started out solely as a bank alt, but I learned I enjoyed warlocks, so leveled him up to 80 eventually.  But he still goes back to Orgrimmar or SMC a couple times a week to do his money work.  But the thing is, even though he’s 80, has all the enchants and everything – he didn’t start out that way.  He started out at level 5 as an apprentice enchanter with 10g worth of seed money from Nosecrusher (who really couldn’t spare it since he was a level 42 hunter still walking around Kalimdor, not riding).  Anyway, I downloaded auctioneer and set to work.  And the rest is history.  I’ve never needed another infusion of gold from an outside source – that 10g was all I’ve ever needed.  Even more important, I was able to use the mats from this process to level my enchanting while still making a profit! 

I’ve even used this method on a brand new server, far away from Anvilmar, just to see if it would work from complete scratch.  Well, it does, I have 3 characters on 3 different servers each with over 1,000g and maxed (for their levels) enchanting. 

So why have I writting this?  Not to stroke my epeen, to be sure.  Nope, I just wanted to set my bonafides for this week’s series of posts.  I’m going to track Eblis’ gold for the week as I disenchant and sell each day.  And all I’m going to do is disenchant – I’ve shifted my other operations to another toon for the time being – so we can see exactly how effective this process is. 

I’ll start Eblis off with 5,000g for the week.  I won’t spend anywhere near that amount, but it’s not uncommon for me to drop over 1,000 in a round of buying these days, so I wanted a buffer.


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