Makin Moolah – Day 2

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And we’re back to the money making!  Thanks for your patience as I muddled through the screenshot issues and I hope you’re enjoying the new look of the blog.  But that’s not what you’re here for is it?  You want to see how Eblis is doing with his gold, right?

When we last left our intrepid hero, he was sitting at 4,982g, a boatload of mats to sell, and a bunch of auctions and bids already chugging along. 

I did my second day buy on Monday evening.  This is something I normally do in the morning before work, but since Tuesday is maintenance day, I move up my schedule a bit.  This was another small buy, just under 300g.

DE 2nd buy

I’m guessing my purchases are so low because other people are using this system.  That’s fine, like I said, I took the idea from someone and he was sharing it in a public forum, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see others DE’ing the auction house.  But unless your market is completely saturated, it shouldn’t matter much.  You can still make come good coin. 

It turns out I did get up before the servers went down on Tuesday afterall and was able to check my mail.  This is what I found (after DE’ing)  

2nd day mail

Again, I”m pretty happy with the results.  I’m still below 5k, but I have over 200 auctions running (after I put this batch up, that is).  My guess is that I’m close to 300g in the black, if not more.

I want to mention a few things here – first is all the bloodshards and other low level items in my bags.  I found those through auctioneer using the vendor search.  It’s an option well below disenchant, and it is set up in a similar fashion.  This search scans the AH for items that are selling below their vendor price.  So all I have to do is buy them walk to a vendor and sell them and I get insta-profit!  Not big profits, mind you, but it all adds up.  The bloodshards, for example were selling for 48s each on the AH yet they vendor for 50s each.  It would be nuts not to buy them!  The only thing nuttier is selling something (and paying the posting fee) for less than it’s vendor price.  I don’t know who does this or why, but I’m grateful! 

You may also have noticed those 12 small radiant shards in my enchanting bag (upper left corner).  I found a great deal for those on one of my scans  – 20 for 100g, or 5g each.  They normally sell for 8-9g apiece.  I’m not going to resell them though, nope.  I’m going to turn them into scrolls of fiery weapon.  Believe it or not, this is still an incredibly popular enchant – I sell my scrolls for 65g each!  So for those 20 shards (and 100g), I can make  5 scrolls (along with 5 Essence of Fires which are a ripoff at 1g, but that’s the price) and a weapon vellum.  So for the ~110g investment I made, I’ll be able to make 325g, or 225 in profit.  I’ll send the scrolls to another toon to sell, so this fast and incredibly easy windfall won’t skew my DE’ing numbers.  Why are the shards and essences still sitting there?  Well, I ran out of vellums and didn’t have time to switch to my scribe to make/send more.  They’ll be gone tonight.


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