Makin Moolah – Day 3

June 24, 2009 at 11:03 am | Posted in General, Professions and gold | Leave a comment
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Well day 3 is the tipping point.  I not only am showing an actual profit after picking up the mail

DE3rd mail

But I’m still showing a profit after my 3rd day buys!

DE 3rd day buy

On the one hand, that’s very cool – after just two days, I’ve already covered my initial costs.  But on the other had, it also means I just bought 129g worth of items – including bids!  Ah well, I still have 160-80 auctions up on the block so I’m not griping. 

On a side note, I was able to pickup about 20 stacks of netherweave cloth for under 5g (my personal price limit).  1 stack of NW cloth can be turned into a netherweave bag.  Now, the bags are 16 slotters – obviously not the biggest.  But they are the biggest of the ‘cheap’ bags selling for 10g each.  The next step up are imbued netherweaves which take significantly more mats to produce (and cost more) and frostweaves (20 slots and 95g each).  So the netherweaves are the bags of choice for kitting out alts and bankers.  In other words there’s a HUGE market for them.  They will always sell.  So lets do the math – say I bought that cloth for 5g/stack (it was less than that, but I like easy math).  That’s 100g investment (plus the rune thread, psh).  With that, I can make 20 bags which sell for 10g, or a 200g return and a 100g profit (less the rune thread cost, psh).  Not too shabby, eh?

NW cloth has been going up in cost as fewer folks are in Outland, but the bags are going up accordingly (I see them selling for as high as 12g each).  In other words, methinks I need to go farm some OL instances!


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