Patches? We Don’t Need No Stinking PATCHES!

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Marked Readers –

I wanted to take a break from Eblis’ ever building pile ‘o’ gold and get back to blogging.  3.2 is on the horizon so I thought I’d do what everyone  else has already done and talk about it. 

Those links all do a much better (and entertaining) job about breaking down all the changes – needed or not, so I won’t do that.  Instead, I’ll vent a bit on how early all this information is coming out.  I’m not a big fan of all the hoopla leading up to new patches, and even expansions.  It struck me when rumors about 3.1 started swirling soon after Wrath was even released.  Here I was, still enjoying all the newness of Northrend and folks were already looking ahead to changes – changes that were still months away.  It was kinda like opening up all your presents on Christmas morning only to have your folks start talking about you birthday right after dinner.  I find the same is true now with 3.2.   My guild is barely into Uludar, we’re still working on getting Naxx onto farm, even.  And already everyone is talking about the new AC raids, profession changes, and new druid forms. 

Ok, new druid bear and cat forms are pretty cool. 

I can understand why everyone does this – Blizzard needs to generate buzz and sites like needs to post new information to keep readers coming back.  So they’re complementing each other towards that purpose, but I think it’s ultimately a fool’s errand.  As soon as 3.2 is released, the blog sites will start looking towards 3.3 and barely give 3.2 a  chance to settle in.  Blizzard, needing to feed tha buzz, will announce the new patch notes.  But eventually, the patch notes will be released so early that the blog sites will exhaust anything of interest about them and the patch will still be far from finished.  So Blizzard/blogs will have a choice, have a long lull of little new information or force out a new patch that may not quite be up to standard.  If 3.1 and all the mini-patches that followed is any indication, Blizzard chose the latter option.  Well, it still makes a twisted sort of sense, if you think about it.  The incomplete patch is released so all the anticipation of the previous 2 months is released.  Huge buzz and plenty for the bloggers to write about.  But soon, the problems, fixes, and hotpatches are noticed – even more buzz (so what if it’s negative, no such thing as bad publicity, right?) and more to write about. 

And just as the big 3.1 problems are smoothed over, here comes the 3.2 patch notes.  And it begins again.   

I want to play the game as it is – now.  I’ll worry about the next patch when it gets here, or even a week or two before it drops.  But we’re at least a month and probably more before 3.2, so I just don’t care much. 

OK, climbing off the soapbox.

Changing out of my Holier Than Thou robes and sandals.

Putting on my sleazy polyester hypocritical salesman plaid suit.

I am saving up my JC tokens now in anticipation of the new epic recipes, so I guess I’m not too upset about the early notice.


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