Midsummer Fire Sale! SAVE SAVE SAVE

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I think July is my favorite WoW month.  First, its my guild’s anniversary month – 2 years! – and our GM does a great job of creating fun events for all levels. 

We’re currently scouring Durotar for an alt he’s hidden somewhere.  He’s providing clues verrrryyyy slowly but we have a bunch of  folks forgoing their jousting dailies and swimming to the Echo Isles, or getting lost in Thunder Ridge.  This weekend he’s put up an event called ‘Musical Chairs.’  I have no idea what that will be like.  But it’ll be a blast, especially those on vent.  We’ll also be doing some old school raids AQ40 and the like as well as doing some PvP and of course, the ubiquitous Gnaked Gnome Run.  We put together some solid prizes for these events to, so folks get som nice lewtz in addition to just having fun. 

Another reason July is a favorite of mine is the Midsummer Fire festival.  No, it’s not that I love the event or it’s quests or whatever.  It’s just that I always seem to be leveling a toon during this time and this is a GREAT FREAKING WAY TO GET XP!  I’m working on my priest at the moment and he’s already earned 2.5 levels just by doing the daily torch quests and visiting the horde encampments in Kalimdor (plus a few allied towns along the way and 4 towns in the Eastern Kingdoms).  Last summer I was pushing Eblis to 70 and the quests really helped with that as well.   But with Knows, it’s even better since he has the 10% XP boost from the heirloom shoulders


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