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Marked Readers –

Eblis has been making the Glacial Bags for a couple months now.  It’s not the easiest process in the world – it takes four moonshrouds and four ebonweaves and THOSE are on a 3 day CD.  So that means it takes you about 2 weeks to make a single bag.  Whenever I make one, though, I’m not sure what to do with it.  It is the biggest bag in the game (along with Haris Pilton’s Bag Gigantique and the unique Dragon Hide Bagoff Sarth) so it should be in big demand right?  Well, not really.  The mats for the bag run around 800g and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were closer to 900g or more on many servers.  That’s a steep price for what is, in effect, 2 extra slots.  So steep, in fact, that they don’t sell for 800g or 700g or even 650g. 

So I’ve sent a few around to my main toons to use.  Eblis has a couple and so does Nozecrusher, but now I’m debating if I want to fully deck out those two (and then all my toons) with these bags.  I mean, do I need those 2 (then 4 then 6 then 8 and up)extra slots?  How badly do I need extra space? 

There’s an old saying that goes something like this – the amount of space you have is how much junk you will accumulate.  I’m find that’s definitely true at home, at work, and even in WoW.  I’ve got various rep tokens from the one time I went to AQ-40 and ZG.  I’ve got sanguine hibiscus and bog lord tendrils and marks of sargeras in case one of my alts wants to go back and get those reps.  But they won’t.  But I just haven’t gotten around to cleaning out my bags and getting rid of that flotsam and jetsam.

Nozekrusher has the biggest claim on space since he has an entire bag devoted to gear (and sometimes two bags if I’m not sure if he’ll be healing or tanking).  But honestly, he doesn’t need any more space.  Raids and instances are set up now to not have tons of junk dropping to fill up slots so I can do a full heroic or two or three with just a half frostweave bag worth of empty space (about 12 spaces) or so.  It’s even easier with my tundra mammoth which lets me sell my junk off quickly and easily. 

Some folks are pack rats – they still have quest rewards from the Crossroads sitting in their bank or messages and supply crates they never got around to delivering – so I won’t claim to know how many bag slots everyone should have, but I will say there’s a definate economic consequence for bigger and bigger bags. 

Netherweave bags are the standard alt bags at the moment.  At 16 slots, they’re nearly unfillable for questing alts.  You can hold all your quest items, food, elixirs, drinks, extra gear, replaced gear and tons of grey and white items and still have room to spare.  Plus, they’re very easy to make (just one stack of NW cloth per bag and a thread) and therefore cheap (~10g a bag).  So decking out a new alt with new bags will run you around 50g, or about 4 dailies.  The Imbued Netherweaves, by contrast cost around 50-60g each, mainly because they take more mats to make and those mats are more difficult to obtain because they come from outside professions or require farming.  Not many folks will pay 250-300g for an extra 10 bag slots.  Frostweave bags are the current standard.  They take a lot of mats, but those are readily available (3 stacks of frostweave cloth and 12 infinite dusts), but they’re definitely not cheap, running 85-95g each.  This is the bag for your main, of course, but you’d think long and hard about equipping your alts with them.  (I’ll admit I have, but mostly because I had extra bags to spare).  

Keep in mind that we haven’t even touched on bank bags yet.  These are just the 5 bags we carry around (or is it 4 with the backpack?  nuts, I’m not sure, so I’ll keep going with 5).  Keep adding up all these bags  and you’re talking about serious gold, for what is, in effect, just two extra slots per bag.  True, that’d be a full 10 extra slots with a complete upgrade of your carrying bags but is it worth it?  If you make the jump from Netherweaves to Frostweaves, you’ll gain 20 extra slots which is nothing to sneeze at, of course.  But it’ll cost you close to 500g to make it happen.  Is it worth it?  That’s your choice. 

Back to the Glacial Bags.  For me, I don’t think it’s worth the huge cost for just a few more bag slots.  And since that seems to be a common sentiment since no one seems willing to shell out the gold for them.  So since I won’t use them, and I can’t sell them, I guess I won’t make them, which is a shame since I was really looking forward to those bags. 

And what about the “Seaweave Bags” or whatever from the next expansion?  I’m sure there will be a 22 slot basic bag us tailors can make, and hopefully they won’t be too difficult to make.  Will I deck my toons out with them?  To be honest I couldn’t say right now.


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