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July 25, 2009 at 11:28 am | Posted in General, Healing | 2 Comments
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Marked Readers –

Crit is a great stat in WoW, but I’m not a big fan of it for healing, especially for Druids, but I think it applies to the other healing classes to some extent as well. 

People love to exclaim their big crits – and huge numbers help kill the boss more quickly.  But do healing crits help keep the tank alive?  I’m going to argue that they don’t and my main argument is the fact that you can’t count on crits to happen when you need them.  In fact, you need to assume they won’t happen and this reduces their impact when they do happen. 


Let’s use a simple example.  Say a tank has 35k HP and your healing spells heal for 5k a pop (on average) and your crits go for 15k (on average).  You need to plan your spells based on repairing 5k a cast, right?  You want a spell to land when the tank  has 26-29k HP.  That will top him off nicely.    If a crit lands, some of it will completely top off the tank at 100% but most of it will be wasted overheals.  If you plan for a 15k crit, though, then you can wait until the tank drops to 20K and you’ll still top him off.  But if it doesn’t happen?  What if that 15K crit is just a normal 5k heal?  Now your tank is at 25K and you’re two heals ‘behind.’  

I know the example is over simplified and doesn’t take into account many, many factors.  But the fact remains that anticipating a crit will leave you scrambling to catch up when it doesn’t happen and if you don’t plan for them, they will be largely wasted when they do happen. 

For me, I’d much rather be able to have a higher ‘base heal’ (i.e. 7k instead of 5k in the example above) and a smaller crit amount (12k instead of 15k) because that enables me to maintain a higher level of consistent healing.  I’d also be able to heal longer because I won’t be spamming heals and wasting mana in an effort to recover from a ‘missed’ crit. 

What do you think?  I’d be especially interested in Pally healers since they are the class that seems to crave crit more than the others.  What happens when the big nuke heal doesn’t land?



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  1. I am new to the Pally healing game, but I can say as a general rule it is not a good thing to rely on crits for your heals, but it isn’t a bad thing to have either.
    But I think the reason Pallys want more crit is because of their Beacon of Light ability, because that way if you get a crit while healing someone else, the tank will get an even bigger heal as well, and thus you aren’t as behind on the tank as you would have been. But again, I am new to the healing game, so I may be talking out of my ass here.

    • I can see that, and I guess it would work with the Shammy’s chain heal as well (maybe?). But I’d still rather have a higher steady amount than a higher spike. I guess I’m just boring – I invest in CD’s and mutual funds, too.

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