Meta Gems 4 U!

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Marked Readers –

I got a nice healing headpiece this week in Uludar – Lifespark Visage.  No, it’s probably not ideal (I’m not a big fan of haste on my druid), but since it was replacing a blue (!) hat and we had no clothies wanting it, I rolled and won. 

Anyway, as I was reviewing my meta gem options, I figured it would be a good chance to blog about whats out there.  If all goes well, I’ll review feral metas as well.  Thankfully (or maybe not), there are no plans for new metas in 3.2, so this post will be relevant for a few months at least. 

Resto Meta Gems – My criteria for these are metas that have +SP as their main ingrediant.  Some may argue that +Crit gems may also apply, but they’re wrong.  With that criteria, here’s what we have

  1. Bracing Earthseige – +25SP and 2% reduced threat
  2. Ember Skyflare +25SP and + 2% intellect
  3. Forlorn Skyflare +25 SP and 10% silence duration decrease
  4. Revitalizing Skyflare 8MP5 and +3% critical healing effect
  5. Tireless Skyflare +25SP and minor run speed increase
  6. Trenchant Earthsiege +25SP and 10% stun duration decrease

The Bracing Earthseige is the standard gem for resto druids (and probably most healers).  +25SP is expected, and reduced threat is a good thing.  But is it always a good thing?  I can’t remember the last time I pulled aggro while healing.  Well, there was one fight (forget the boss) where preloaded my HoTs on the tank and the boss’ companions turned me (and the other tree in the group) into sawdust in no time flat.  And there is a boss or two where the tank spends as much time kiting as they do generating threat, but by and a large, reducing my threat further isn’t a major concern. 

The Ember Skyflare is an interesting choice adding 2% Intellect to the 25SP.  But Int isn’t a major (resto) druid stat – all it does is give us a larger mana pool and mana is of even less concern to us than threat.  Which would also seem to rule out the Revitalizing Skyflare.  Resto Druids certainly don’t need more MP5 and we’re not a crit-centered healing class (Blizzard’s efforts to the contrary). 

The Forlorn, Tireless, and Trenchant seem to be mainly PvP gems, though a silence or stun duration decrease does have it’s appeals.  Resto druids get away with a lot with all our instant cast heals and HoTs.  I love the Heigan fight, for example because I don’t really have to worry about Spell Disruption  all that much.  Yes, I avoid it, but when I see it’s on me, I just shift to renewing my HoTs until it disapates.  But we are subject to silence, of course, and stuns.  Hmmm, this brings up another question – which bosses have silence or stun attacks?  Do you know of a list anywhere?  I may put one together if I don’t find one and if there are several, one of these gems may be worthwhile. 

Well, those are the six options.  Are you as underwhelmed as I am?  I will investigate the number of bosses that silence and stun, but I’m guessing they won’t be numerous enough to justify the gems (or else I’d be able to rattle off 3-4 of them by name).  So for me, it looks like I’ll be sticking with the Bracing Earthseige.  Reduced threat ain’t all that, but it’s better than the alternatives. 

Feral Meta Gems – My criteria for these metas are much broader than for my resto gems.  Why?  Simply because there are many more desirable effects for tanks on the metas – armor boosts, dodge increases, stamina, etc.

  1. Austere Earthsiege +32 Stamina and +2% armor from items
  2. Destructive Skyflare +25 Crit rating and 1% spell reflection
  3. Effulgent Skyflare +32 Stamina and 2% reduction in spell damage taken
  4. Invigorating Earthsiege +42AP and occasional heal on crits
  5. Powerful Earthsiege +32 Stamina and 10% reduced stun duration
  6. Relentless Earthsiege +21 Agi and +3% crit damage

Hmm, I woulda thought there were more.  But let’s look at what we have. 

The Austere Earthsiege is the standard gem for beaer tanks and it’s easy to see why.  Tanks can NEVER have enough stamina or armor.  True, armor doesn’t affect magic damage which seems to be all the WOTLK rave these days, but still, HP+Armor=good.  The Effulgent Skyflare may give it a run for the money though.  Instead of an armor boost, it reduces spell damage taken.  As we just discussed, there’s lots of magic and spell damage floating out there that just flits through armor.  This is a very good gem indeed.  Better than Austere?  Maybe. 

When Savage Defense came out, I took a look at the Destructive Skyflare and other crit-boosting gems.  Then I realized that SD procs as much as possible with my current crit rating (thank you swipe spam!) and so more crit wasn’t needed.  As for the spell reflection?  Well, if anything, I’d prefer the spell damage reduction of the Effulgent.  The Invorgorating Earthsiege would be much more attractive if it boosted Stam instead of AP.  And if the occasional heal didn’t have an internal CD.  In the comments for this gem, it seems the heal is about 2% of the total (~750-800hp) which wouldn’t be bad if it proc’d frequently, but it seems to have a 45 second CD which makes the heal nearly useless.  So skip this one.

When I was stacking agility, the Relentless Earthsiege was my choice.  The 3% crit damage boost was a nice bonus and extra threat.  Now that agility is being nerfed (along with dodge), it falls way to the back of the pack along with the Powerful Earthsiege.  I didn’t take Primal Tenacity


Just One More Thing…

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Eblis is up over 6,200 gold.  I have the pics but they’re saved on a different computer at the moment.  I’ll post one last screenshot tonight or tomorrow, but then he’s back to full bank status doing all the gold making goodness that he does.

Makin Moolah – Aftermath

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Happy Monday!  I just checked my mail and I’m up to 5909 and change with most of a bag of expired auction mats and over 120 auctions still running.

Selling 1

Expired auctions don’t bother me at all.  As you’ve seen throughout the week, you can handle LOTS of mats with this process, especially the low level stuff.  It wasn’t uncommon for me to have over 300 strange dust either on auction or in my bags about to be auctioned.  Most of it does sell, obviously, but some will come back my way. 

But the cost to me is zero.  There is no deposit for listing enchanting mats on the AH, (unlike the vast majority of other items).  So it costs absolutely nothing for me to simply repost them.  It also helps keep undercutters in check (somewhat).  Sellers can wait an auction or two for their stuff to sell without cutting their own throats with big undercuts.  Then again, it is easier to undercut since you have no deposit to recoup.  Ah well, c’est la vie.

Patches? We Don’t Need No Stinking PATCHES!

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Marked Readers –

I wanted to take a break from Eblis’ ever building pile ‘o’ gold and get back to blogging.  3.2 is on the horizon so I thought I’d do what everyone  else has already done and talk about it. 

Those links all do a much better (and entertaining) job about breaking down all the changes – needed or not, so I won’t do that.  Instead, I’ll vent a bit on how early all this information is coming out.  I’m not a big fan of all the hoopla leading up to new patches, and even expansions.  It struck me when rumors about 3.1 started swirling soon after Wrath was even released.  Here I was, still enjoying all the newness of Northrend and folks were already looking ahead to changes – changes that were still months away.  It was kinda like opening up all your presents on Christmas morning only to have your folks start talking about you birthday right after dinner.  I find the same is true now with 3.2.   My guild is barely into Uludar, we’re still working on getting Naxx onto farm, even.  And already everyone is talking about the new AC raids, profession changes, and new druid forms. 

Ok, new druid bear and cat forms are pretty cool. 

I can understand why everyone does this – Blizzard needs to generate buzz and sites like needs to post new information to keep readers coming back.  So they’re complementing each other towards that purpose, but I think it’s ultimately a fool’s errand.  As soon as 3.2 is released, the blog sites will start looking towards 3.3 and barely give 3.2 a  chance to settle in.  Blizzard, needing to feed tha buzz, will announce the new patch notes.  But eventually, the patch notes will be released so early that the blog sites will exhaust anything of interest about them and the patch will still be far from finished.  So Blizzard/blogs will have a choice, have a long lull of little new information or force out a new patch that may not quite be up to standard.  If 3.1 and all the mini-patches that followed is any indication, Blizzard chose the latter option.  Well, it still makes a twisted sort of sense, if you think about it.  The incomplete patch is released so all the anticipation of the previous 2 months is released.  Huge buzz and plenty for the bloggers to write about.  But soon, the problems, fixes, and hotpatches are noticed – even more buzz (so what if it’s negative, no such thing as bad publicity, right?) and more to write about. 

And just as the big 3.1 problems are smoothed over, here comes the 3.2 patch notes.  And it begins again.   

I want to play the game as it is – now.  I’ll worry about the next patch when it gets here, or even a week or two before it drops.  But we’re at least a month and probably more before 3.2, so I just don’t care much. 

OK, climbing off the soapbox.

Changing out of my Holier Than Thou robes and sandals.

Putting on my sleazy polyester hypocritical salesman plaid suit.

I am saving up my JC tokens now in anticipation of the new epic recipes, so I guess I’m not too upset about the early notice.

New! and Improved! (?)

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Well as I was trying to find a way to fix the screenshots, I looked at different themes, hoping that one would have a wider ‘body’ to allow the large pictures.  There wasn’t, but I realized that, in the heat of this summer, a ‘cooler’ theme might be in order.  I hope you like “Pool” and that it helps you think of sitting under a beach umbrella with your feet dangling in the water.  

So, I hope you enjoy the changes.  In the end, they’re cosmetic, really.  The writing style – such as it is – won’t change much.

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