3.2 First Impressions (3 days late)

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Marked Readers –

I was a bit surprised the patch dropped this week.  I was predicting in vent Monday night that Blizzard likes to tease us for a few weeks – let the pundits assure us its this week, then this week, then this week before finally giving us the goodies.  Well, I was wrong obviously.  Somewhat happily, but man, does patch day suck. 

Actually, it started Monday night.  A group of us went into EoE and for some reason I kept getting LUA errors.    On top of that, my Pitbull was all messed up.  I have no idea what happened there, Sunday it was fine, Monday it was back at the default mode.  Ugh. 

My impressions of 3.2 after I finally logged in on Tuesday –

  1. Never do a heroic until you’ve done it on regular mode first.
  2. Laggy as all get-out in Dalaran.  It was quicker to run around rather than wait for my mount to appear (ironic since mount cast time was reduced to 1.5 seconds in the patch).
  3. Outside of Dalaran, not laggy at all – even the instances were ok!
  4. Timoth Jones was simply mobbed.  I counted myself lucky that I could open a dialog box and turn in my quest for 5 tokens.  It was a bleeding miracle I could open it again and browse the new epic recipes.  I came back down to earth when I couldn’t buy any – they were all ‘item busy’.
  5. You won’t recognize the New and Imroved Argent Tournament.  I was lost before the taxi dropped me off.  I was able to find the AT QM (in the tent where you pick up the Thread From Above quest).
  6. Never do a heroic until you’ve done it on regular mode first.
  7. The new Heirloom chestpieces are sold here for 60 Champion Seals 😦
  8. The new Heirloom chestpieces are also sold in Dalaran for 4o Badges of Heroism!
  9. No, I can’t reconcile #6 and 7.
  10. There is a summoning stone at the Argent Tournament.  I found it.  Once.  I’m not optimistic for a repeat visit without an escort. 
  11. The entrance to the instance the northern door/entry/grand hallway.  I think. 
  12. Those guys hit HARD! 
  13. Never do a heroic until you’ve done it on regular mode first.
  14. Blizzard’s UI isn’t too bad, actually.  I really missed bartender, but Pitbull (or X-Perl)? I may just run a few more instances and raids without them and see what’s what. 

I didn’t get on Wednesday.  I went to see Funny People after my guitar class.  Good movie, if a bit long.  Adam Sandler is turning into a real actor – who knew?

I got on Thursday morning after the maintenance and was finally able to buy my epic gems.  I got the +SP, +agi, +Stam, +Hit, +Hit/Expertise, and many others.  I cut them and put them on the AH.  The new gems seem to be going for 4-500g a pop which I will gladly take.  Dalaran seemed to have much less lag, thankfully, so hopefully things will settle down.


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