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Marked Readers –

I logged on last night and there was a call to run regular DTK in guild chat.  My hunter Nosecrusher is 75 atm and I thought it would be fun to take him for a spin so I signed up.  I hadn’t done much with Nose in awhile and I’m not sure why – just a lack of motivation I guess. 

Anyway I switched over and jumped on the taxi to Gul’Drak.  (I ALWAYS get those two confused)  After I was summoned we started the run and I immediately knew I was in trouble.  We wiped on the second pull for some reason.  I’ll chalk it up to the fact that we were all playing on little used alts and were still getting the hang of things.  I died on the third pull because of a stupid ashtray (which was black and blended perfectly with it’s surroundings – stealth ash trays FTL!

The entire run, though, I never really felt comfortable.  My rotation was OK such as it is – poison sting and arcane/steady/group shot as CDs’ are up.  But I was always afraid my pet would inadvertently get sent off somewhere and pull a big bunch of whupass on us.  Or that I would mistakenly target the wrong mob and pull the next group too soon.  Or any number of other things – most of which actually happened last night. 

We finished the run and went our seperate ways and I couldn’t help but feeling both a little embarassed and more than a little sad.  Embarassed because I did not do my job well and that’s something I pride myself in doing, and I think is expected of me in the guild.  I should have done better than I did.  I was also sad because I remember the days when I did do better on Nose.  He was my first toon and my first 70.  I made my first forays into Kara on him and was very (and justifiably) proud of my chain trapping skills and unique Survival build.    But he’d been left too long unused.  The druid came up and quickly became my main toon and Nose gathered dust – tanks and healers were needed, DPS could always be found. 

When Wrath came out, I decided to level Eblis as my first alt because his tailoring had faction-specific recipes I wanted him to get.  Plus, I’d played him a lot leading up to Wrath and enjoyed the class.  So again, Nose languished.  And still does.  He’ll get to 80 eventually, I’m sure, but I see him now as more of a solo toon and an extra 2 profession slots. 

Hunters have a well known reputation as being EZ mode in WoW.  It’s the class that girlfriends and little brothers play and because it’s so easy to level with them due to their pets, many hunters get to the endgame without really knowing how to play.  While playing a hunter may be easy, especially solo; playing a hunter well definitely is not.  Your pet needs to be kept on a tight leash or else it can cause a lot of trouble – more trouble than it’s worth sometimes.  In addition to knowing when to send the pet into a fight (at the right target, of course), you also have to watch it’s health and happiness and what not.  All the while, you’re also watching your mana and health and avoiding ashtrays and looking out for adds etc.  It’s almost like playing two toons simultaneously.   All of which used to pose no significant problems for me – when I had time and actually played the class. 

I don’t think this is unique to hunter alts – any class you don’t play in a long time will take some re-learning.  I have similar feelings when I switch to resto on Noze after a long stretch as feral and vice versa.  It takes a quick heroic to get me into the swing of things.  I’m sure I could regain that comfort zone with Nose as well, if I played him more.  But I don’t and I don’t think thats going to change anytime soon.  😦

I do have a newfound respect for hunters though.  The good ones that is.  There are still plenty of huntards out there (unfortunately, Nosecrusher is close to being among them) but the truly good ones – who dish out hella DPS and never cause a problem in the raid.  Those folks rock. 

And I just saw this article in WoW on the decline of the hunter as a played/main class.  Somewhat related and an interesting development if it persists.  It also says that hunters remain a popular alt toon which sort of flies in the face of my premise :S


Friends – Check your friends!

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Marked Readers –

I’m a druid, and I also play one on TV.  I tank and I heal and I like to think that I excel at both.  But I also have several alts – a hunter (the first Nose), a priest (my current leveling obsession), a death knight (blech), and a warlock (my bank alt and my only other 80). 

Eblis is 80, but I will make no claims to warlock mastery (warlock wizardry?).  Sure, I read up on the class and I know what I’m supposedto do, but my toolbar is a mess and my rotation is more miss than hit (though I’m pretty close to hit cap, i’m proud to say).  So when I do take him out for a heroic or two, I end up languishing 3rd on the dps meters. 

The other day I was doing my banking and saw the following –  

[guildy 1]: We need a tank or DPS for H-UK, any takers?

[guildy 1]: Anyone?

[guildy 1]: Hey Noze, you wanna go?

[Noze]: Sure, I’ll take Eblis

[guildy 1]: …….

w from [guildy 1] Sure you don’t wanna tank?

w to [guildy 1] nah, eblis needs the badges. 

w from [guildy 1]  …….

So it was that got to DPS some.  As it turns out, our healer was a tree-alt of one of our top warlocks.  She’s kinda goofy, but she pumps out the DPS.  She’s also a top-notch healer.  I knew we were in good hands.  So off we go and it was apparent from the start that I was very rusty, and my toolbars were very messed up.  For one thing, my life drain button is between to my conflagrate and chaos bolt buttons.  Needless to say, I kept hitting life drain on a regular basis.  So much so that our healer asked – Noze, why are you casting those short life drains?  /blush

It went on like that for most of the run.  Which we got through with ease, mind you.  But my DPS was pretty poor, though I chalked it up to poor gear (it’s always the gear’s fault). 

After the run, I was back to banking but still in the party.  The healer was as well and she stared asking me some questions about the spells I was using and such.  She had recount up and was going over my detailed stats both overall and for the Ingvar the Plunderer.  She had some great advice on what to concentrate and more importantly, what to look for when I examine my own recounts in the future.  Great tips and I’ve put them into play (though I still need to redo my toolbars). 

Then she asked me to go over herrecounts and see if there was anything she imo.  She was using a heavy lifebloom-centered rotation, which is fine.  I explained why I preferred a more nourish-heavy rotation, especially with the glyph, but she was doing perfectly well with the glyphs she had. 

It was a profitable experience for both of us, I think and I realized it should be happening much mor often.  It’s easy to perceive advice from others as criticism, but that’s not the case – especially if it’s coming from respected guildmates.  It’s often a great opportunity to improve your game and learn a trick or two that will boost your performance next time out. 

It worked for me.  I had the chance to run more heroics a few days later and I made a conscious effort to apply her tips into my rotation.  And my DPS went up!  It was still third, but at least I was closer to #2 than the tank at #4!

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