Healing the Plague Quarter

July 31, 2009 at 4:06 pm | Posted in Healing | 3 Comments
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Marked Readers –

The Big Bear Butt had a funny (as usual) and interesting (as always) post a few days ago about healing the Plague Quarter in Naxx.  For those not in the know, BBB has picked up healing recently and I’ve enjoyed his thoughts on the process. 

His post got me thinking about the plague quarter, though and how to heal it.  Well, how to heal Heigan and Loatheb specifically.  The rest is a relative cakewalk (aside from those damn gargoyles). 

I think Heigan and Loatheb both play up a druid’s strengths tremendously.  By that, I mean these fights let HoTs really shine.   How?  We’ll start with Heigan. 

During Phase 1, Heigan has a debuff that makes it last 8x longer to cast a spell.  This is a horrid debuff because even though Heigan doesn’t hit very hard, the tank does need some heals.  But this debuff doesn’t really impact the druid all that much.  Whenever I notice it on me (usually by seeing the cast bar for Regrowth stretch out waaaay to long), I just cancel the spell and refresh my HoTs.  It’s lovely because 8x instant is still instant! 

We also shine during Phase 2.  Or rather, we can if we want.  We can through out Lifeblooms and Rejuv’s liberally as we run the gauntlet (and sing Diana Ross’ “Last Dance” over vent).  Just make sure to keep an eye on one or both of your tanks.  To tell you the truth, though, I don’t heal very much during Phase 2.  I’ll try to throw out one per person or so, but no more.  Some folks just can’t do the dance.  While that’s fine, I’m not going to waste my mana delaying the ineveitable.   Yes, it’s harsh, but I love being the arbiter of life and death!

Loatheb highlights the pure joy it is to be a tree as well.  Being able to heal for 3 seconds every 20 sucks, but I also think it’s an interesting mechanic and forces us to concentrate on how we place our heals accordingly.  We want to get the maximum amount of heals done during those 3 seconds.  There are two key elements to making this happen:

  1. You want your lifebloom stacks to expire during this time.  This is key because a big portion of the healing benefit from LB comes from the bloom (is it 50%?  I’m not sure).  To have this happen, you need to make sure your last stack is applied when there is 7, 8, or 9, seconds left before the debuff resets.  Why?  Because then the bloom will trigger at 1, 2, or 3 seconds before the reset, or in other words, when the healing window is open.  Remember, this is only the last stack.  If you want a full 3 stack bloom, you need to start casting around 15 seconds or so (depending on haste) to get all 3 up in time.  Keep in mind, though, that each stack resets the timer, so you can cast one, do something else for a few seconds, then cast again.  Just make sure to get the last one in time! 
  2. Cast Regrowth so that the initial heal lands during the open window.  This is kinda like the opposite of  Lifebloom.  Here you need to start your casting 1.5-3 seconds before the window opens (depending on your haste, test this out before the fight starts). 

If you’re able to do this, you get the most out of your heals and can still get in a Nourish during the or Wild Growth as well.  Finally, remember to cast rejuvs whenever you’re not doing anything else (usually between your last LB and your Regrowth).  You should be able to fit 2-3 in on random raid members (don’t forget you self)!  

Do all that, you will keep your tank alive and go a long way towards keeping the raid up as well.


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